Introduction to Ya’an Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Ya’an Center for Disease Control and Prevention was founded on January 20th, 2004 with the approval of the Ya’an People’s Government. Formerly the Health and Epidemic Prevention Station of Xikang Province, it has been changed 7 times. It is a city-level first-class public welfare institution mainly engaged in disease prevention and control and public health technology management and services. Its main responsibilities include prevention and control of infectious diseases, parasitic diseases, endemic diseases, non-communicable diseases, and other diseases in the city; emergency response to public health emergencies, disasters, and epidemics; management of information on epidemic and factors related to health; monitoring and intervening of foodborne, environmental, occupational, and radioactive, and other health hazard factors; biological detection and identification of disease pathogen, and physical and chemical factor detection; health education and promotion; guidance of research on management and application of disease prevention and control technology, etc. Meanwhile, it has the signs of “Ya’an Guidance Center for the Promotion of Equalization of Basic Public Health Services”, “Ya’an Guidance and Supervision Center of Contracted Services of Family Doctors”, and “Ya’an Tumor Follow-up Registration Center”. In December 2017, it passed the on-site evaluation of Level 3 Grade B disease control institutions of the Disease Prevention and Control Institution Evaluation Committee of Sichuan Province. In November 2018, it was the first to pass the ISO comprehensive quality management system review in the disease control system of the province. It has set teaching practice bases at Southwest Medical University, Chengdu Medical College, and Ya’an Polytechnic College.

The center has the approved staffing of 130 people, including 17 management positions, 111 professional and technical positions, and 2 skilled positions. At present, the center has 121 working staff (115 people on regular payroll and 6 labor dispatching personnel), including 23 people with senior professional titles, 107 people with a bachelor’s degree or above, and 12 people with graduate degrees.

The center has a total of 16 departments, including Comprehensive Department, Finance Department, Logistics Department, Business Department, Acute Infectious Disease Prevention and Treatment Department, Sexually Transmitted Disease and AIDS Department, Chronic Disease Department, Tuberculosis and Lepriasis Department, Health Education Department, Immunization Program Department, Localized Epidemic Prevention Department, Health Department, Occupational Radiation Department, Microscopic Examination Department, Physical and Chemical Department, and Preventive Medicine Outpatient Department.

The Post-disaster Center of Violent Earthquake in Lushan on “April 20th” was rebuilt in another place. In 2016, it was moved to a new place in Daxing New Area, Yucheng District. After rebuilding in another place, the center covers an area of 24 mu, the building area is 9,960.41 square meters, and the building area of houses for business is 7,413 square meters. It has an independent laboratory building, AIDS Confirmation Laboratory, National Iodine Deficiency Disease Laboratory, Influenza PCR Laboratory, Tuberculosis Laboratory, Parasitic Disease Laboratory, Measles and Rubella Laboratory, Food Detection Laboratory, Water Quality Testing Laboratory, etc. It has obtained four qualifications: Qualification Certificate of Inspection and Testing Institutions, Qualification Certificate of Technical Service Institutions of Radiation Health, Approval Certificate of Occupational Health Examination Institutions in Sichuan Province, and Approval Certificate of Occupational Disease Diagnosis Institutions.

In recent years, the center has accumulatively won a total of 86 awards of different kinds, including 4 national awards, 3 ministerial awards, 33 provincial awards, and 46 municipal awards. 4 people won the honor of Ministerial Advanced Individual and 7 people won the honor of Provincial Advanced Individual.

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Center Address: No. 9 Fangcao Road, Daxing New District, Yucheng District, Ya 'an City 9 Fangcao Road, Daxing New Area, Yucheng District, Ya’an, Sichuan Province, China

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